I love my puppy! These people are professional and very kind. Amazing customer service. I hate that I can’t remember the guys name that helped me get my Samoyed, but all the people there had great people skills! I will be getting my next puppy from here when the time comes.
Danyelle Ridley
We got our Samoyed puppy for our Black Friday. The staff here was amazing. Customer service was awesome. I’m really thankful for their staying late 2 hours more for us to get our puppy. And Even after a day we got her, they called us to make sure our puppy was ok at new home.
Hannie Ng

The place is clean, the employees are attentive, and the puppies are healthy and happy. After someone would leave the playpen, someone would mop it. The employees walk around constantly checking and cleaning the crates. The puppies are given toys and lots of love. Great place!

Alexia Knous

Always clean and friendly every time. I adopted a Samoyed puppy from them 6 months ago. My most recent visit was just as pleasant. However they had the puppy I was looking for.


We got our Samoyed puppy here on Saturday everyone was amazing we are so in love with our girl. Everyone was so helpful and polite as I do agree with som of the other reviews prices are outrageous but our daughter and puppy had for each other was worth every penny.

Christina Perry

We are bursting with excitement and joy ❣️ We have. Our new family member, Bailey Great experience overall, the staff were attentive and knowledgeable.

Dawn Hart
Thank you, Rosa for all your help!! Our new puppy, Bella is the perfect addition to our family!!!
Megan Volz
I just wanted to give a huge thanks to Regina and Amanda, who have gone above and beyond to help us with our puppy purchase and making sure all my needs were met.
Candy Wingfield

We got the sweetest baby samoyed puppy. He is healthy and thriving. We got him 3 days ago. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a puppy. It’s clean.

Lorraine Mcgee