Thai Marriage Practices

Thailand places a high value on marriage tradition and emphasizes commitment very strongly. It’s common practice to offer a pair to family members as soon as they start dating, which may immediately spark discussions about marriage. Additionally, it is typical for newlyweds to get to know each other’s relatives and extended home to make sure they are compatible.

It is customary for one of the groom’s closest friends to formally ask the bride for her hand in marriage and assist in negotiating the amount of” Sin Sod” ( the Western equivalent of a dowry ) that will be paid to her parents to thank them for their daughter’a good upbringing if the couple is happy with the match. The couple’s success, social standing, and the number of babies he has did all affect the amount.

After deciding on the marriage, the families will start sending invitations to their loved ones. An astrologer will typically be consulted to help choose an auspicious date for the wedding. It is customary for the couple to go a Buddhist meeting officiated by nine invited priests the night before the ceremony so that they can demonstrate their worth and pay respect to the bride’s ancestors.

The bride and groom likely typically kneel up and hold a Mong Kol, the traditional Thai hat, as an elder places it on their heads to start the wedding ceremony. The woman’s hands may then be covered in sacred ocean during a shell ceremony in which guests will come forth carrying shells. It is said that doing this will soak away any negative success and bring them riches.

Another custom at a thai ceremony is the “door festival,” during which the groom opens the doors to the bride and groom’s home. This is done to show that the bridegroom has plenty money and can provide for his partner and her complete home. These days, the gates are typically replaced by a woman who is cinched up.

The groom and his relatives may visit the couple’s home prior to the wedding and present items there. The few will then be escorted by the girl’s families to the bridal bed, where they will give them advice on how to have a successful marriage. A mortar and pestle, a winter fruit, an elderly man kitten, beans, and paddies will all be placed on the base as traditional decorations.

Following the festival, a dinner will be held with all of the guests, and lots of food is eaten! It is customary for the bride and groom to dress in classic thai thailand girls for sale price attire during the festival. It’s also crucial to remember that in Thailand, standing apart during the meeting is frowned upon by both men and women. This is due to the marriage’s symbolic unity and its intended to bind the bride and groom together. Because of this, it’s crucial for both parties to maintain their commitment to one another throughout the relationship.

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